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Technology & Expertise: the winning combination.

Effective irrigation and fertigation processes are the beneficial outcome of intelligent planning, managerial and maintenance practices. When top-quality technology stands at the foundations of such practices, optimal results are sure to come. At Netafim, we have developed several technologies that benefit farmers, letting them control and manage their crops based on valuable, real-time field data. In essence, agronomic management is conducted through the intelligent integration of three main tools: controllers, sensors and knowledge.


Large scale projects require the use of controllers. As a tool to achieve the best agricultural results, these controllers monitor and regulate tenths of variables such as amounts of water used, mix of fertilizers and micro nutrients and fertigation parameters such as pH and EC. On the one hand, these controllers manage the complex interaction between variables while, on the other, they remain simple to use.


Field-based sensors are designed to transmit real-time data from any situation within the field. Netafim’s Irriwise system provides an extensive outlook of the field, offering information for a wide array of factors: from climate information to soil humidity, plant sensors and system performance. The more accurate and timely the data, the better response rates can be.


Optimal irrigation management is based on the ongoing cycle of action and reaction. Action means the selection and implementation of controllers and sensors, while reaction means implementing our know-how to understand the field performance and manage our decisions in an informed and intelligent way.


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