Plastic Valves

Series 80A Plastic Valves
With straight or angle flow design, the 80 series valves are used for all control applications while ensuring minimal maintenance and maximal reliability.
Series 80A QR Plastic Valves
The 80A-QR is a pilot-operated, universal surge-relief valve, that is designed for the pressure-surge protection of pumps, filtration-systems irrigation applications.
Series 80V Plastic Valves
Netafim presents the 80-V, a specially designed plastic valve for agricultural applications, combining high quality, affordability, ease of installation and a durable construction.
Series 80W Plastic Valves
Dorot presents the 80W valve, designed especially for agricultural-irrigation applications, featuring high quality, affordability, ease of installation and a durable construction
Series 80 Plastic Valves
Electric valve for gardens, parks and golf courses
Series 75 Plastic Valve
Series 75, “GAL” plastic valves are designed for the control of irrigation systems that need exceptional hydraulic characteristics enable very high flow rates at low head losses.
Series 95/96 Plastic Valves
The uPVC valves, Model 95 (Threaded) and Model 96 (Solvent welded directly to the pipe) are made for and flood tables. The direct attachment to the PVC pipelines and the optional underground installation, save cost of valve configurations and reduce head losses.
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