UniBioline AS XR

UNIBIOLINE™ AS XR is Netafim’s unique addition to our dripperline range and another Netafim world-first with non-deteriorating, chemical free resistance to Root intrusion.

Netafim’s UniBioline™ AS XR provides a unique cost effective solution to combat root intrusion.

The diaphragm cover is impregnated with Copper Oxide as part of the mould.

This means it does not deteriorate; giving you peace of mind that your crops are still getting the exact amount of water they need, where and when they need it.

Effective for the life of your dripperline;

No replacement of chemical injected filter units;

Reduced maintenance costs.



  • Domestic and commercial onsite water re-use applications.
  • Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI).



  • Copper Oxide impregnated diaphragm cover.
  • UniRam™ XR drippers meet ISO 9261 Standards with production certified by the Standards Institute of Israel (SII).
  • Patented TurboNet™ Dripper Technology – wide flow passage.
  • Pressure compensated (PC) – self regulates to ensure uniform drip discharge.
  • Anti-Siphon (AS) dripper – prevents suck back.
  • Centrally mounted dripper with large inlet filter.
  • Operating Pressure: 50 kPa – 350 kPa.
  • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh (130 micron).
  • Tubing colour: co-extruded lilac tube (indicates non-potable water).
  • Additional flow rates, spacings and pipe sizes are available upon request. Minimum quantities apply.


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