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HydroCalc software

HydroCalc software - Free Download (AUS/NZ ONLY)

NETAFIM™ has developed the HydroCalc Irrigation Planning software for the irrigation community.

It is a simple and easy calculation tool to perform some basic hydraulic computations. The use of HydroCalc allows the designer, dealer or end-user to evaluate the performance of micro irrigation in-field components, such as:

Drip laterals and micro sprinklers
Sub mains and manifolds
Main lines (PVC, PE, etc…)
Energy calculation

Simply complete the form below to download the HydroCalc and run it for your daily tasks (please note that the database is an Australia / New Zealand version ONLY)

Hardware/software recommendations:
Windows 95,98,2000 & XP
Pentium 166 MHz and above
15MB free disk space


If you have installed an earlier version of the software, remove it from your computer before installing the updated version.


Contact Netafim's Design Team for any further information.


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Fax: 08 8267 4299


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