Mushroom Success Story - Van Den Berg Mushrooms

Mushroom Success Story - Van Den Berg Mushrooms

Customer: van den Berg Mushrooms
Implementation date: 2015
Region/country: Boekel, North Brabant, The Netherlands
Project size/area: 2,574m2
Main project components: Drip system, controller, mechanical deployment system.


Paul van den Berg, owner of van den Berg Mushrooms in Boekel, North Brabant, the Netherlands, founded the farm in 1988. North Brabant is at the center of the Netherlands’ mushroom country.

Traditional mushroom growing uses expensive peat to create a sink in order to provide moisture and nutrients to the mushrooms. Creating an alternative method that meets the demands of the mushroom would deliver significant advantages to growers.

White mushrooms cannot be watered from above during their growth cycle, since that leads to bacterial blotch. Despite overcoming this problem, the traditional irrigation method, which uses a moisture sink, limits the production of A-quality yields to only two growth cycles before moisture in the casing is depleted. In order to provide an alternative to the traditional method, Netafim had to develop a solution that would keep the mushroom beds irrigated throughout the entire 6-week growing cycle without getting the crop wet. This, in turn, would improve both yield and A-quality

By inserting Netafim’s Mushroom Master dripperline just below the surface of the casing soil and with no more than 15cm between the tube’s irrigation points, the bedding can be evenly irrigated throughout the entire cycle, when needed. The low-flow, pressure-compensated dripperline irrigates precisely and instantaneously as required, at any time.

* Higher yields
* A-quality yield in the third growth cycle
* Less casing soil in every cycle
* Easy implementation in existing set-ups

To read more about the project download the case study here.



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