On-Farm Irrigation Efficiency - Tomatoes


Location: Lake Boga, VIC

Sdi area: 100 Ha

Crop: Tomato

Average yield: 136 Tonne/Ha

Water usage: 7.5 Ml/Ha


Farming company Kilter have developed large areas of farm land around the Lake Boga area, near Swan Hill in Victoria. A good example of their ability to use technology to increase productivity is a previously flood irrigated 100 hectare block that has been converted to sub surface drip irrigation.

The block had been producing around 8 tonnes of pasture
per hectare, but with the new drip system last season grew 136 tonnes of processing tomatoes per hectare, using 7.5 Megalitres per hectare of water.
The development of the sub surface drip irrigation system was part of the Federal Government’s On Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program. Under the program, water entitlement was returned to the Federal Government to help fund the development of the system.

Kilter installed Netafim Ozline 25150 driplines at a laterals spacing of 1.5 metres. The dripline has an emitter every 0.5 metres along the drip line, an each emitter applies 1.6 litres of water per hour. Kilter have also used sub surface drip on other crops, such as lucerne, cotton and corn.

Brendan attributes the high yields partially to the consistent soil moisture provided by the drip irrigation system, but also the fertigation system. “We were able to provide well timed and accurately placed nutrition to the crop throughout the growing season,” he said.


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